Thursday, March 29, 2012


After like 2 months...  The server is now up and running. As the title implies, I did a complete overhaul (so basically, I started from the ground up, all from scratch), so sadly, all previous map data is dust in the wind. Here are the new general worlds;
  • Earth -- Normal, PVE, no PVP
  • Heaven-- Skylands, PVE, no PVP
  • Hell-- Nether, PVE/PVP, no blacklist
  • Arena--Jungle war zone, PVP, no PVE
  • Creative-- Flatland, CREATIVE, no PVE/PVP

A Special Note about Death;

Every time you DIE in any world (except for the Arena) you are re-spawned in Hell. You will then have to find the one-way portal back to Earth.

A Special Note about the Creative World;

Since it is creative, you can build whatever your heart desires, so long as it does not violate any of the rules. From past experience, creative worlds tend to get very cluttered. To solve this, I have written a script that will completely clear the Creative world at a set interval(TBD). Please keep this in mind when building. The world will probably be regenerated once every 2 weeks. An archived version of the old maps will be kept and available for download.